Northgate Meadows – Income Restricted Unit Information

Income-Restricted Apartment Information


Located on Meadows Drive in Sterling, Northgate Meadows is a new rental development offering affordable one and two-bedroom apartments for eligible tenants.

Surface parking is available for all at no charge. Garage parking is available, based on availability, for $100/mo. Each unit includes a washer and dryer.

Cats and dogs under 75 lbs. are allowed with some breed restrictions per the pet policy. A monthly pet rent is required, $50/dog and $35/cat. This is a smoke free building.


The monthly rents are:

One Bedroom: $1,777

Two Bedroom: $1,869


Utilities are not included in the rent. A utility allowance has been deducted from the rent. The rents are NOT subsidized, or income based. You are responsible for the full rent.

Section 8 or a Housing voucher will be accepted but it is your responsibility to find out if your Section 8 or Housing provider accepts the rent and project.


To qualify, your combined gross income (without a Section 8 or Housing Voucher) must fall within the specified ranges for bedroom and household size:

1 Person Household

1 bedroom: $53,310 – $68,500

2 Person Household

1 bedroom: $53,310 – $78,250

2 bedroom: $57,870 – $78,250

3 Person Household

2 bedroom: $57,870- $88,050

4 Person Household

2 bedroom: $57,870 – $97,800

(Income limits subject to change based on HUD releasing new limits)

Household size preferences are based on the following:

  1. There is a least one occupant per bedroom.
  2. A husband and wife, or those in a similar living arrangement, shall be required to share a bedroom. Other household members may share but shall not be required to share a bedroom.
  3. A person described in the first sentence of (2) shall not be required to share a bedroom if a consequence of sharing would be a severe adverse impact on his or her mental or physical health and the lottery agent receives reliable medical documentation as to such impact of sharing.
  4. A household may count an unborn child as a household member. The household must submit proof of pregnancy with the application.
  5. If the applicant is in the process of a divorce or separation, the applicant must provide proof that the divorces or separation has begun or has been finalized, as set forth in the application.

Please contact MCO Housing Services at 978-456-8388 or by email at if you have any questions.

For a copy of the application, contact us at